JESUS Film Ministry

Based on the Gospel of Luke, the JESUS Film has been translated into 1,200 languages, with more being added every month. The team will be taking several copies of the Film in siSwati, Zulu, and English. The JESUS Film will be shown on the new solar-powered equipment (no generator needed!) It can be viewed by up to 1,000 people yet all of it fits in a single backpack. For more information click here (PDF Info on Equipment). On average, for every $3 given to the JESUS Film ministry, a soul is saved. If you would like to donate toward the equipment costs of $4,800, just go to the giving page and under donations click on Africa Mission Trip.

Mountain Grove Chapel will be leaving the equipment in Swaziland, to be used for years to come. Worldwide, from 1998 through May, 2014, there have been over 67 million evangelistic contacts made through Nazarene JESUS Film ministries. Of these contacts, 12,574,784 have made decisions for Christ, with more than 5 million following up in discipleship. Almost 43,000 preaching points have been started. We pray that through the equipment we give, there will be a great harvest of souls in Swaziland!


While the team is in Swaziland they will be:

¨ Showing the JESUS Film in the central and eastern parts of the country

¨ Sharing the gospel through the use of EvangeCubes and HIV/AIDS Cubes

¨ Sharing the gospel with kids through specially-colored soccer balls that illustrate the salvation story

2010 Africa 913 roads hut^

2010 Africa 946 MD J&Ts rondavel and view^

2010 Africa 660c typical homestead farm

Swaziland is mountainous, so the new equipment that can be carried in a backpack will be a blessing!

2013Africa 835 prayer room door

Door to hospital prayer room in Manzini, Swaziland

Want to experience a JESUS Film event yourself?

Well you can here in Dover, PA!

Click here to get information to attend our Harvest Field Event this summer August 15th.