Join Us each Wednesday Evening at 6:30pm
Here at Mountain Grove Chapel 170 Andersontown Rd Dover, PA 17315


Is Celebrate Recovery for you or someone you know?



Are you or someone you know struggling with…
Start together. Are you struggling with a hurt, hang-up or habit? Are you tired of trying to fight your battles alone? If you want to experience victory in your life and witness others doing the same, seize the opportunity to start attending a Celebrate Recovery.   Stay together. Just because you start attending a Celebrate Recovery, usually things don’t get better immediately. It’s a process. You’re going to have challenges along the way. The enemy will try to distract you and tempt you to give up. Do not listen to his lies. Trust the process and the people God will bring along your recovery journey in Celebrate Recovery.   Finish together. By working hard and staying the course, we find healing while becoming a part of bringing beauty, God’s glory, to others. We get give out the hope of Jesus Christ that we have found. I love thinking of how people from all over the planet come together in Celebrate Recovery with different backgrounds, different skin colors, different accents all joining together to make a difference in this world. Then when Jesus returns, we will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let’s celebrate together!”



That’s what we do in Celebrate Recovery Forever Family: Start together. Stay together. Finish together.