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November 21st-December 5th 2014

Because we have received the gospel and understand that God’s heart is a heart for the lost, a team of nine people will travel to Swaziland over Thanksgiving this Fall.  While we are in Swaziland, we will be showing the JESUS Film alongside local church leadership, visiting AIDS patients, ministering to orphans, and encouraging the Grandmothers.  Please pray for the team as they minister with the people of Swaziland on behalf of Mountain Grove Chapel.

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Swaziland: The Country

Swaziland is one of 55 countries on the African continent. It is a small country (about the size of New Jersey), surrounded on three sides by South Africa and one side by Mozambique. It is beautiful and mountainous, often called “The Switzerland of Africa.” It is also known as “the California of southern Africa” because of its wonderful climate. Almost anything will flourish in Swaziland: a pine tree matures in just twelve years, rice quality is as fine as any in Asia, citrus fruits are sweet and juicy, and there is a whole section in the lowveld that grows the finest pineapples, avocados, and tomatoes. It also has massive sugarcane plantations and exports a lot of sugar.

The Swazi people are usually friendly and are known for their amazing hospitality. The primary language is siSwati, although most of the population knows English. The country is a monarchy, ruled by King Mswati III and the Queen Mother. The capital of Swaziland is Mbabane, the business hub of the country is Manzini, and other fairly well-known towns are Pigg’s Peak, Nhlangano, and Siteki. Our church’s team will be ministering primarily in Manzini (Mun-ZEE-nee) and Siteki (STEG-ee).

Spiritually, Swaziland consists of Christianity (although this is often “blended” with ancestral worship), animistic religions, Islam, Bahai Faith, and Hinduism. Sadly, there is now a large mosque in downtown Manzini where five times a day loudspeakers blare out a call to prayer.

According to the 2012 CIA Handbook, Swaziland has the highest HIV rate in the world. In the early 1990’s their life expectancy was in the 60’s and by 2009 it had fallen to just 32 years old. People need the Lord!

Please be praying for the country of Swaziland and for our time of ministry there.





(the single most important thing we can do!)



2013Africa 3057 HA268 Price of a child

A Swazi orphan shows off his prized coin.  It is worth 2 cents.

What is the price of a soul? What are we willing to sacrifice so that someone else can come to know the peace, love, and joy that is available in relationship with Christ? 


Please pray for the Africa Ministry Trip:

¨ For the JESUS Film ministry to light the way for souls to the Lord

¨ For the team to be an encouragement to the Swazi Church leaders

¨ For grandmothers, orphans, and AIDS patients to come to know Christ, to be strengthened in their faith, and to be encouraged with the practical help that is given

¨ For the team to have good health and safe travels

¨ For all the supporters of this ministry, that we may be cheerful givers and to grasp how important reaching the lost is to the heart of God

¨ May team members be touched in their own spiritual walk, and return with inspiration and zeal for the Kingdom

¨ May this ministry impact Mountain Grove Chapel in a way that forever changes our church to follow JESUS more closely

Orphan Care     2013Africa 1241  

2013Africa 3181 HA268 Look at my new dress!

Do you like my new dress?

Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Swaziland, more than ten percent of the population is a child who has been orphaned.

While the team is in Swaziland they will be:

¨ Visiting and playing with orphans

¨ Using and donating Evange-Soccer balls to teach kids about salvation

¨ Showing the children’s version of the JESUS Film

¨ Giving away new T-shirts and darling dresses made from pillowcases to 60 orphan boys and girls

¨ Giving away rubberband bracelets that kids at Mountain Grove Chapel have made

¨ Providing a hot meal for kids at an orphan carepoint

¨ Praying for and with the children

2013Africa 3392 HA268 girl in pinkAn orphan girl with her new pillowcase dress.

2013Africa 3317Orphan boys in new T-shirts eating a hot meal of rice and one piece of meat.

Orphan Pillow dress xSample of a pillowcase dress


This young boy got AIDS from a traditional circumcision ceremony where the blade had infected blood on it.

Aids Visitation 2010 Africa 324 Shed HouseBecause AIDS strikes down the primary earners, many homes fall into disrepair.

Sadly, Swaziland has the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world. Unless something is done, the entire Swazi culture is at risk. Fortunately, many Nazarene churches in Swaziland are training and sending out volunteers to AIDS patients, many of whom cannot afford hospital care. The volunteers pray, encourage, and help with practical needs.

While the team is in Swaziland they will be:

¨ Visiting and helping alongside the volunteer Caregivers

¨ Taking and donating a smaller version of JESUS Film equipment that is solar-powered and ideal for in-home viewings even where there is no electricity

¨ Sharing the love of Jesus and praying with those who are suffering. A missionary likened a dying person being saved as  “snatching a soul from hell.”

¨ Please pray for us to make a difference!

GOGO Project

Gogo means grandmother in siSwati.

2013Africa 398 Zakheles gogo Busisiwe

This is Thoko, a Gogo in Swaziland. All five of her children have died because of AIDS. She is raising four of her grandchildren, ages two through fourteen, on her own. She prays every day for strength and health to be there for them. Please pray for Thoko and thousands like her in Africa. 

Across southern Africa, the Gogos are the heroes. They are raising their grandkids or other village children, usually with very little or no income. (there is no social security, welfare, or food stamps in Swaziland).

While the team is in Swaziland they will be:

¨ Visiting Gogos and encouraging them

¨ Buying food and preparing 50 bags of basic  food supplies for 50 Gogos and the orphans in their care

¨ To supply the funds for this project, Mountain Grove Chapel has been selling packs of 5 gorgeous hand-made cards for $10. The cards were made and donated by ladies in the church so 100% of the profits can go to buy food for the Gogos and orphans in their care.

Card sample Birthday Butterfly

JESUS Film Minstry

Click here to find out more on the JESUS Film ministry that we will be doing in Swaziland during our mission trip.

Also experience the JESUS Film right here in Dover, PA!  Click here for more information about our Harvest Field Event.